UnlockableHow to Unlock
Black CardEarn 5 stars
Blue CardEarn 1 star
Bronze CardEarn 2 stars
Gold CardEarn 4 stars
Red CardYou start with this card
Silver CardEarn 3 stars
Once you beat the Elite Four and complete the National Dex, you can go to the Pal Park. It is located in Route 221 southeast of Sandgem town. Once it is unlocked, you can go to the main screen where it says Continue, New Game and all that stuff, there should be a new one called Migrate from ________ (Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, whatever one your playing). You can choose up to 6 guys from your PC to migrate.Then go to the Pal Park and you will recieve 6 balls when you talk to the guy. The guy will take you outside and you will walk around until you fight. It will be one of the 6 guys you chose. Use a ball and you will always catch it. I got a Blaziken, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and the Regigas from it.

Go to the elite four and go in the first room where elite four aaron is. Make a certain pokemon learn cut, rock smash, strength,and surf. Go up to the door that leads to the next room and use cut. The door will break open allowing you to go to the next room without fighting aaron. in the next room with elite four bertha go to the door and use rock smash. that door should break as well so you can go to the next room. again go to the door and use strength. the door will break open. go to the next room and use surf at the door. It will break open. In the final room go up to the door and press A 47 times and it will open. congrats! you just beat the game without facing any elite four member!! Even though you think that you will face cynthia at the end because you walk right up to her. but before you enter the room press B at the flashing light on the right side of the door. this allows you to go right past her.remember-this only works with the right pokemon and it will not work if you dont have it. the pokemon is supposed to be legendary and it cannot be found in sinnoh. You must migrate it from pokemon looks like an alien thing and its from space. Its name starts with a D. And it must be on level 1 because thats what level its at when you find it.



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