Ash, Misty and Brock are all in the pokemon cartoon in the years 1999- 2000 (the Kanto region). Then Sammy came along (Johto) but then left in 2005. Next Ash and Brock met May, and her younger brother, Matt in the Hoenn reigon. May then set of for Sinnoh (2007), which inspired Ash to continue his adventure, leaving Matt behind. When arriving in Sinnoh, they duo met Dawn and continued thier travels. In 2011, we will met a new conpanion in Isshu. Sadly, most pokemon experts say that Ash will be stepping down from lead character, which is likey after 11 years of being the star of the show.








Ash_ketchum.jpg Ash Ketchum (Pokemon - Kanto saga attire) image by li_syaoran





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