After battling and quelling Dialga or Palkia, the three legendary Pokemon will be scattered around Sinnoh. The Blue Pokemon in the trio is positioned in Lake Valor. You battle it here and it is only here once. Make sure to save. It is at level 50.

Bonsly (in Pokemon Diamond)
– To get Bonsly, you must trade it from Pokemon Pearl.
– Talk to the person in the Pokemon Mansion after you get the National Dex. A random rare Pokemon will appear every day. One of them may be Bonsly.

Defeat the Elite Four and get the National Dex. Go to Spring Path and head to the right. Go up, then left, where you can use Rock Climb. When you get down, there will be a hole. Head in and look around until you find Bronzor.



To get Dialga
Go to Spear Pillar after beating the Team Galactic Boss.

To get Palkia
Trade from Pearl

To get Regigigas
Go to the old shrine with pillars in Snowpoint city. Go through the shrine until the final floor and it will be there.
Catch: You must have Regice, registeel and Regirock in your party.

To get Heatran
Help Buck when you go to Stark Mountain and he will take the magma stone and run off.
When you go to Survival Area, in the westernmost house there, should be Buck and an old man. Buck will not give you the stolen stone but goes to put it back.
Follow him to where the stone was stolen from and a lv 70 heatran will be there waiting.

To get Giratina
Go to Turnback cave which should be situated on Spring Path, then, if memory serves, you will have to walk past three pillars and then into a final room. In there will be Giratina.

To get Manaphy
Trade a special Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger

To get Phione
Breed Manaphy and Ditto

To get Arceus
Get the Azure Flute at a special Nintendo Event and go to the top of Spear Pillar where you caught Dialga. Then a prompt will tell you to play the flute and a stairway will appear. Save, then go up it and be prepared to face this generation's Mew...

To get Cresselia

You need to finish the Sinnoh dex and obtain the National dex from Prefessor Rowan, then you go to Canalave city and visit the house by the boat that took you to Iron Island, talk to the boy then his mother,afterwards talk to the sailor by the boat he will ask you to go to Fullmoon Island and get an item. Once you get to Fullmoon, go into the forest, there will be the pokemon Cresselia, this pokemon will run away like Mesprit but it leaves behind the item the sailor asks you to get, retreive it then return to Canalave and talk with the boy in the house again.There are 2 ways to get the Cresselia I only used one way to get it, it was somewhat easy if you are patient. At the bottom screen of your DS find the pokemon tracker, there will be a face of pikachu flashing and moving around at times, follow it, but sometimes it will move to another spot, so just be patient.

NOTE: do not fly to it because the Pokemon will then move to another area, i suggest you ride your bike to the pokemon, it will most likely be in the grass when you reach it, the pokemon will be at lv.50 when you battle it. TIP:if you dont want it to run away use a pokemon that has the move 'paralyze' and use it on Cresselia, OR you can simply just use a master ball.

Their are also Shaymin and Darkrai to capture, in order to get Darkrai you have to have an azure flute the only way to get an azure flute is if you have been to a pokemon event (which is an easy way to get an azure flute and Darkrai) or if you have a friend that has been to a pokemon event who can send it to you.

Effect: Unlocks Elekid
When: With Pokemon Fire Red in the GBA game slot
How: Search the Power Plant for Elekid


Effect: Unlocks Magby
When: With Pokemon Leaf Green in the GBA game slot
How: Look in Hard Mountain for Magby




Unlocks Togepi

When: During the game
How: On the island in route 230 use the PokeRadar to find togepi




capture celeby

When: in the cave near the day care center
How: defeat 100 unown then go to the botom floor then celeby comes to you



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