Brand new Arceus sprite

Nintendo has realeased a brand new Arceus sprite. People are wondering whether this means a new pokemon type has been created.

Pokemon cartoon

Rumours say that Ash may be stepping down from from lead role and a new player in the game is taking his part.

Black and White

The first gym's speciality are grass, fire and water you gain TM83 when you beat Poddo, Dento and Koon. The second gym consontrates on normal type pokemon. You will recive TM67 when you beat Aloe, the gym leader. Atei, another bug-type gym leader owns this third gym. He gives you TM76, allowing you to return to Huin city. The next gym is speciality is electric. TM72 is yours if you beat the gym leader, Kamitsure. The next gym is based on ground type pokemon. Yakon will give you TM78 if you succeed his challange. The next gym is very special. It is the first flying type gym. The leader, Furou has a TM62 waiting for you. Hachiku, an ice type gym leader, has a gym like all other ice leaders. TM79 is yours if his puzzle is solved. A dragon type competitor awaits you in the final gym.On Black your challanger will be Shaga, however, on White you shall meet and have to beat Iris.

The Elite Four consists of the ghost-type master, Shikimi. Her pokemon are around lv50 and she only has 4 5th generation pokemon in her party. To defeat her come in with ghost and dark type moves like ominous wind and dark pulse. Her national pokedex team now has six pokemon, including frosslas and driftlimb. Next is the ultimate dark type trainer, Giima. Again his party only consists of 4 5th generation pokemon which are around lv 50. It would be sensible to use only fighting and bug type moves like close combat and bug buzz.  His national pokedex team includes the 3rd generation Sharpedo and 4th generation drapion which are around lv70. Next Katorena, the leader of the psychics', comes into play. Like her allies, she also has 4 5th generation pokemon around lv50. Use dark and bug moves, which is a major flaw. Her national party has a brongzong and a metagross. The fighting ultimate, Renbu again has a party structure like the rest of the elite four.

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