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If you don't want to wait until midnight or so to catch rotom, follow these simple steps:
1. go to the old chateau
2. go upstairs and enter the room with the T.V.
3. save and turn off your ds
4. turn your ds back on but DO NOT ENTER THE GAME!
5. set your ds clock to midnight (NOTE: the ds uses military time so midnight will be shown as 00:00)
6. turn your ds off then on.
7. enter the game and go up to the tv
8. press a and if it says that a pokemon might come out thump the tv and rotom should appear. if not, repeat steps 4-7 setting the ds clock one hour later until you get rotom. its at level 15 so be careful.






List of Pokémon

Here you will find a list of every pokemon from the Diamond/Pearl games, in a handy gallery format. Click a pokemon's name to see its detailed page, or click a type to see other pokemon of the same type.


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